Formosa-Tea Farm

We produce high quality Dong-Ding oolong Tea, black tea, white tea. By well fermentation control, tea are transformed from robust to delicate. 

Dong-Ding style oolong tea is the most beautiful tea in the world, it is delicate and rich the sensation of floral and fruity flavors.  eg. omanthus, cinnamon, orchid flower, apple, peach, honey, maple syrup, caramelized apple, etc

Payment:Credit Card、PayPal 、(for Taiwan only: Online ATM, pay&pickup in Convenience Store)

Delivery Method:Postal parcel, (for Taiwan only: pickup in Convenience Store)

Oversea Shipping:please find your country, listed in the page of  Delivery information.

For assistance, please contact, we will do our best to help you get tea product to your country.


mobile: +886 926 517 731