• For local orders in Taiwan, free shipping is available for orders over NT$2000. Pickup at convenience stores costs NT$65, and home delivery by post costs NT$80.
  • For international shipping, free shipping is available for orders over NT$2500, NT$3000, or NT$4000, depending on the distance. The amounts are detailed in the table.

The Organic Certification Number in Taiwan: 1-003-921208

  • Tea Aesthetics: High-quality tea leaves emit a fragrance when the packaging is opened, and even after 5, 10, or even 20 years, the aroma becomes even more intense upon reopening. This is why highly fermented Taiwanese Dong Ding-style tea and Wuyi rock tea become more delicious and valuable as they age.
  • Organic Management: Superior for Health
  • shipped directly from the Formosa Phoenix Tea Farm.
  • Storage: High-quality tea can be stored for an extended period while maintaining its delightful aroma even after opening.


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